Signature Treatments


Bride To Be

We target specific areas to reduce your size and reshape your body. We’ll enhance the bare skin of your body that your wedding dress won’t cover. We’ve had many instances where the brides-to-be had to tighten their dresses 3 or 4 times as the procedure continued. Look perfect for your wedding day with our Bride To Be treatment.


Body After Baby

This treatment reduces fat, tightens skin, and improves your muscle tone, resulting in a flat, perfectly shaped abdomen. You’ll also benefit from cellulite removal and full-body toning. The procedure promotes skin elasticity, prepares your skin, and primes your muscles for future pregnancies. It also prevents stretch marks and skin damage. Body After Baby will get you back into shape fast.


Body After Liposuction

A common side effect of post-surgical liposuction is localized fat. Skin areas are uneven, resulting in unsightly under-the-skin bumps, ball shapes, or egg shapes. When performed immediately after surgical liposuction, it will reduce later side effects, sometimes eliminating them. Body After Surgical Liposuction will restore your symmetry and beauty.


Symmetric Slimming

We understand the importance of symmetry in creating a perfectly proportioned physique, which is often lost with liposuction. The problem gets worse over time; usually, the patient will need further surgery. With Symmetric Slimming, your body regains balance and beauty.


Waistline creation & contouring

We’ll streamline your body to create a shapely hourglass figure.

Expect visible results after your first treatment.