About Cosmina

Cosmina Moldovanu is a slimming specialist and nutritionist who graduated from medical college with a BSc. Cosmina studied Nutrition and Food Science for five years, then completed two years of postgraduate MSc studies in Dietetics and Nutrition and two years of MSc studies in Food Quality Management at a university in her hometown of Cluj in Romania. Cosmina also studied in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

After twenty years of hard-won knowledge and work in the health, nutrition, and food science industries, Cosmina discovered the secret of permanent fat removal without surgery, and wanted to share her secret with other people who have difficulty losing weight. This is how Cosmina created the Non-Surgical Liposuction Alternative.

Cosmina’s Weight Loss Story

In 2011, Cosmina’s life changed when she gained 22 kilos after hormonal treatment. She was devastated and vowed to reduce her weight, fat, and cellulite and tighten her skin.

For Cosmina, her body is a temple. She wanted to avoid the unpleasant side effects of invasive treatment. Equally, Cosmina knew about the non-surgical techniques that promised the world but delivered no visible results.

So Cosmina began researching machine technology at the clinic where she worked. After studying the manuals, she began trying the machines on herself. Following a lot of experimentation, Cosmina was amazed to find a system that worked.